Noble Employees - Farmer


Farmers - A noble employee
They not just cultivate but also serving humanity to the whole world and said by a proverb that Backbone of country is our farmers. If backbone is broken then you can't even stand. 

noble employees - farmer

As this Digital painting contains mainly three color Red, Orange and Black. Like these colors we have very facts, determination and myths of our noble employees - farmers.

Let’s begin with history were it began -


Well it’s next to impossible to say when actually agriculture introduced, but some of archaeologist was and historian calculated the invention of agriculture and said to be it’s 11500 to 12000 years old. It is one of most important revolution in history humanity. The transition from Foraging to Farming. 

In simple terms let me explain you. According to research Cavemen wander for search of protein (Meat) then slowly mind develop and begin to build shelter near the source of water for themselves. then they gather their hunt near their shelter, somehow they slowly develop and began trying their hand on farming for the herded wild animals and they grew wild crops like barley, peas and lentils, eventually after hundreds of years, ancestors learn to farm for themselves and by the agriculture started civilization develop very quickly. So, in this way agriculture has began.


According to some scientist, 10 to 3 thousands year ago agriculture was developing on Indian peninsula. Some claims Indian agriculture began by 9000 BC. Vedic literature has some written record of agriculture in India. Rigveda hymns has description about plowing, fallowing, irrigation, fruit and vegetable cultivation.


The living of an Indian farmer is quite simple but very harsh. The farmer fights everyday on farm to protect crops, to grow crops, they don't dream any matter beyond farming and they sacrificed whole life for humanity. Somehow we people didn't notice this sacrifices, it's very sorrow that people don't have any value of these resource produce by farmers sacrifice and they waste this resources.

Farmers are summits of the soil. Wake up before the sun, they feed their animals and walk to the farm. His dress is also simple. Wearing a dhoti - kurta,  pajama, lungi, vest, etc. Slippers in his feet, wearing a turban on his head and a stick in his hands, he appears to be the forerunner of the Green Revolution.

Works with maximum energy in the farm in heat, cold or rain whatever is there. Indian farmers are not so educated but expert in their job. They have knowledge of the nuances of farming. In fact, our farmers are companions of nature. Agriculture as well as animal husbandry is main occupation.

In our country still farming done in manual ways and still use bull to pull their plow and cart. Manual farming requires more hard work. They work hard to grow grains, fruits and vegetables. Seed is added to the well-plowed fields to grow crops in the fields. Seeds germinate and gradually take the form of plants. The plants are irrigated. The weeds that grow between the plants are removed and fertilized in the fields. Farmers also use pesticides when needed.

Farmers are happy to see broad crops. They constantly monitor crops. In order to keep the crops safe from animals and thieves, they sleep in the farm by making scaffolding. Ripe crops are harvested, and grains are extracted from them. The straw of the grain is reserved for the cattle. The food grains and vegetables are kept in the house and sold to the rest of the mandis. He earns a year from his income.

Indian farmers have to fight a long battle with nature. Since two-thirds of the agriculture in our country is based on rainfall and monsoon, farmers have to face drought at some time and later. After drought, the crop dries, then later the crop is washed away.
If the rain continues, the crops are threatened by hailstorm, frost and storm. When ripe crops were hail, everything became jigger. The grains fell in the fields. When sunlight did not come on time, there was an outbreak of germs on the crops.

Nevertheless, the farmers, while fighting with nature, produce food grains according to the requirements of the country. Indian farmers have started following advanced and modern scientific agriculture, which has improved their economic condition. They are provided financial assistance by the government in purchasing seeds, fertilizers and agricultural equipment. The government provides loans to them at affordable rates and also waives loans from time to time.

There has been improvement in the condition of the farmers, but still they need many types of facilities. For that, arrangements for electricity, water, manure, seeds and agricultural machinery should be made at the appropriate time. Crop insurance should be made mandatory to provide protection against natural calamities.

To overcome the problems of farmers india has 24x7 call center, here farmers can get quick solutions of queries in their own language. Call on 18001801551


India is largest producer of millet, chickpea, pulses, Ginger, Okra, Wood fuel, forest products, cow & Buffalo milk in the world. Also fruits like papaya, banana, mango and guava.
2nd largest to produce Wheat, Rice/Paddy, sugarcane, Dry fruits, Onion,  Cabbage, potato, gourd.
3rd largest producer for Cauliflowers, Broccoli, Lettuce and Chicory.


In coming future, till 2050 world population 9.1 billion is expected, So as our noble employees - farmer has to increase their production level and meetup the demand of coming future. Our farmer is also educated and familiar to the technology and will increase productivity by Enhanced hybridization, Drip irrigation, Precision farming, Drones in agriculture, Continued digitization, Focus on soil health.


Myth no.1 – Drastically declining indian agriculture.
But fact is that india is 2nd largest in terms of agriculture production.
Indian agricultural production shows growth 397$ bn from 87$ bn in recent 14 years with 11% of annual growth.
8th in terms of agriculture exports

Myth no.2 – India only produce food like grains.
And fact is that top on for milk production, ranks 2nd for Vegetables and fruit, 3rd largest for fish, ranks 4th in matter of eggs production as well as holds 5th position for poultry production in the world.
Indian agriculture, horticulture and husbandry contributes 60% Indian GDP.

Myth no.3 – Coloring chemicals and animal hormones are inject in Fruits and Vegetable.
And fact is that it’s not possible to inject into the fruits and vegetables post-harvest. And can be verified by attempting colored water uncut watermelons as well as unpeeled banana. At the point of injection the colored water immediately come out.
According to CENTEGRO study, animal hormones will not increase fruit and vegetable size overnight as alleged.

Myth no.4 – Suicides of farmer are uncontrolled in Indian Agriculture
Suicide, It deserve attention whether by farmers or any other
but fact is that less than 10% of total suicide happen in india
Russia has the highest rate of suicide, 16% higher than the average of globe.

Myth no.5 – Aquatic ecosystem imbalance due crop protection chemicals
And fact is that india holds 3rd rank in fish production, which shows our soil-water ecosystem is not polluted.
Punjab and Andhra Pradesh lead in fish production as well as productivity apart their pesticide usage.

Myth no.6 – Excess use of crop protection chemicals in India
And fact is that for crop protection chemicals india is spending less than 1% of total agriculture production in value term, which is fraction of global counterparts.

Myth no.7 – Organic food is chemical free
And fact is that in crop protection chemical residues have been in found in vegetables samples of organic produce.

Myth no.8 – Organic farming can stabilize of indian agriculture
In Reality only 1% of the agriculture land used for organic agriculture
Sikkim which is known as entirely organic farming state is heavily depending on other states.
For organic farming there is very high requirement of organic manure and production is found to be very low

Myth no.9 – Indian agriculture is extremely dependent of rainfall
Well, India have largest irrigation area of world and about 96mn ha

Factnagari thanks wholeheartedly to all the farmers around the globe who are serving the humanity.

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