Nightmare of Aviation industry


Nightmare of Aviation industry


The corona virus pandemic has had a remarkable impact on aviation sector due to the resulting travel restrictions as well as slump in demand among travelers’ significant reductions in passenger numbers has resulted in planes flying unoccupied between airports and the cancellation of flights.

On the 5th of March 2020 the International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimated that the airline industry could lose between 63 to 113 billion U.S. Dollars of revenues due to the reduced number of passengers.

By the 17th of March the International Air Transport Association (IATA) had stated that it's the 5th of March estimate was out-dated and that airlines would require 200 billion dollars in bailouts to survive the crisis.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) further revised their revenue loss estimate in 24 March to be 252 billion dollars globally 44% drop.

Airbus customer, “British Airways” already plans to cut 12,000 jobs almost one-third of its workforce in the face of slump in demand.

Emirates, Dubai based airline is planning to cut about 30,000 jobs. Almost 30% of emirates employees could lose their jobs. Not only this, Emirates one of the world’s biggest long haul airlines speeding up the retirement of its fleet of A380, the giant double Decker jets seating capacity of over 500 passengers and powered by four engines.

Indian aviation will lose about Rs.24,000 to Rs25,000 crore predicted by global analytics company CRISIL. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) assumes expected 29lakh job loss in the Indian aviation and dependent sectors.


As not only aviation is struggling to survive this pandemic but the globe is struggling, but what is the Nightmare in Aviation industry? The industry could recover? If recover, then how much time this industry will take?

Well, it’s been a big talker for long times that the effects of this pandemic is having on the airline industry and contrasting statements coming out from aviation masters.

Ed Bastin Delta’s CEO saying that recovery for the airline industry could take three years.

Guillaume Faury, Chief executive of Airbus said, it would take three to five years for passengers willing to fly as before the pandemic.

Many airlines are planning to retire some of their airplane to cut down the maintenance cost.


The corona virus pandemic has hit the airline industry hard global airline industry stands to lose 252 billion U.S. Dollars due to the pandemic.

The crisis will likely to hit 29 lakhs jobs in aviation and dependent sectors. Air fares in popular domestic routes in India have reduced by 20-25% already two-thirds of 26,000 passenger aircraft are grounded frequent fliers, business travelers, leisure travelers are all a part of the pre-corona world but even when normality sets in will travel ever be the same again, at least for some time the experience will be different. First there will be some fear a survey reveals that 50% of travelers will wait for six to eight months after the pandemic ends before they fly again.

Here are some changes we can expect several airlines will be keeping –

The middle seat will empty.

Flight crew is already seen in protective gear this may continue.

Passengers would be in masks.

Flying could become more complex as temperature checks and health certificates become the new normal.

Low-cost short routes might disappear altogether.

Business struggle will shrink further as people reduce air travel.

Altogether Airlines will be competing for a handful of passengers.

Economy passengers might be charged for baggage check-in, meals and legroom.

In countries like China there might be a shift from air travel to high-speed trains.

Social distancing is one of the major concerns separating people in airport lounges, security queues, retail outlets, restaurants are the biggest challenges and it's these logistical issues that are keeping officials awake at night.

Several airlines have grounded their fleet American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and others have deployed their passenger aircraft to carry cargo.

Airport operators and other stakeholders are expecting a huge dip in traffic and are preparing for it. Data experts are trying hard to determine when demands will return how much demand there will be and how much airlines would have to charge to earn their profits as the crisis unfolds.

Passengers should be ready for a new order in the airline sector.

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