Karma - Real or Fake?

“I try to live with the idea that karma is a very real thing.
So I put out what I want to get back.”
-Megan Fox

Karma - Real or Fake!

As usual I start my blog with some creative art, so here it is. I name this beautiful digital painting as Karma and hence, this blog is based on it. Named as Karma – Real or Fake?

And as usual everyone has different views on this digital painting. I have my own and if you have any other view share it in comment box.

So let’s begin

Hey Folks! Myself Nirdesh and Hope you all doing good this days. Well I am a karma believer and has some views on karma, Hope you admire this article!

“As the dust thrown against the wind returns to the thrower, you hurt yourself” - Gautam Buddha said.
And this promise is actually a hint about what Karma really is. Karma is a concept that has a very important place in the Buddhist and Hindu tradition, extending thousands of years ago, to the beginning of civilization. The word karma comes from Sanskrit.

And before I tell you what it means, I realized that when people in the West use this word, it ignores the vague meaning of it. And they just use this word and I want to make this vague meaning. In the West, way of understanding and using Karma is as follows: We think as if it is a universal justice.

For example,

If someone goes and rob a bank, which we interpret as bad action, we go and rob a bank, and let's say that the police don't catch it and escape without punishment, we immediately think that Karma does not punish her anyway, and this is what we mean by this. In a certain period, naturally divine justice will find its place because something bad will surely happen to that person. Somehow he deserves it, and maybe 5 years later, someone will steal his car or 5 years later, something bad will happen in another area of ​​your life and we will say karma caught you because you had done something bad in your past. But actually Karma doesn't work like that. This is actually like a cartoon version of Karma's work. What I want to give you is to give the Karma process more accurately, more nuancedly. In this way, you can apply it directly to your life. So it's no longer a rule that goes into bank thieves or murderers, It will be applied to everything that happens to you now, and why you are suffering in your life or will explain why you can't get the results you want. So this concept is worth understanding ( Karma – Real or Fake ! ).

As the Buddha says, every action you take in life has a certain consequence. And these actions also have natural bad consequences and these bad results don't have to come from outside. The worst comes from inside.

What exactly does it mean?  

The word karma is an ancient word from Sanskrit. Karma actually means action. Karma is equal to action. When you hear this, you might think, action? What does this have to do with justice and equality that we dedicate to karma?

Your actions and those of everyone living - governments and societies, organizations , natural action of animals and life, the flow of the universe, the law of gravity and all natural forces. All of these are potential actions. And all actions have a consequence. In fact, it is basically a cause-effect relationship. Every effect has a reason, and life itself is a gigantic scene where these actions are shown.

If we were born, take the point, extend it and bring it to the point where you died, we can see everything in between as a set of actions. And in all of these actions, basically, one action triggers another. So your previous actions will have consequences in the long run, this is just the natural cycle of life. So, understanding this and applying it to your life in particular means if you take good action, you will get good results. Even if you do bad or malicious behaviour, you will get a bad result. Although it looks like very plain logic, what most people don't understand here is what good and bad mean. It is much different than you think. I'll come to this in a second.

The other thing people think about Karma's law is, as if Karma is a "supernatural" law. As if a white bearded grandfather on the clouds keeps everyone's account. He writes in his notebook, who did good or bad, Then he syncs the situation for everyone. Of course, this is definitely not the way this law works.

This law is a psychological law -

This karma is a natural law, this law is a psychological law. The psychology section is so deep that it actually explains how human psychology works. It is also a spiritual law. The spiritual part can only be understood by looking at what Eastern culture understands from good and bad. It has nothing to do with what people think in the West.

Karma – Good / Bad

Good means selfless. These movements are not caused by your ego. It originates from your spiritual nature. Bad mean selfish. You can also say these are malicious. Art intention or evil is not objective. Somewhere there is no devil bent on the legs, pulling you bad. In fact, there is a definition of evil that is very easy and applicable to your life.

Karma as Evil!

Evil is doing things that originate from your ego, identity or yourself.  What do we mean when we say selfish actions? It is a very interesting concept to solve. Of course, the most obvious selfish actions we mean.

When I say selfish, an example that comes to my mind is go to Thanksgiving dinner, eat all the food on the table yourself, If you take all the good food and don't give it to anyone, and if other people at the table are starving, this is selfishness. And this has bad consequences. What are the bad results now? Interestingly, we see bad results as outside penalties. For example, if you eat all the meals in Thanksgiving dinner, some people will shout at you and maybe a fight will arise. These are some external consequences. And if we look at an action like bank robbing, going to jail would be a bad result. Actually, karma law is not concerned with this.

Karma in our mind –

The real concern of the law of karma is here, in your mind. And this is the real damaging part of all that is going on. You might think of the bad result of bank robbing as the possibility of going to jail, but no. What the Buddha said was that after he threw the dust, it hit his face back. What he says here, instantly, as soon as you set off the evil act if you don't get caught, you will suffer from bad results. Although no one sees you. It starts to hurt you from the inside and why?

More importantly, you need to understand how much this hurt you. You might think: Amaan, a little white lie over there, don't be angry at someone here It won't cause a deep injury in me because i will not be affected by external influences. Actually no, what the eastern sages say is to continue the selfish cycle it can cause your whole life to consist of this selfishness. When your actions come from you, Show yourself well, defend yourself fighting on your own behalf, these are all selfish movements. What I mean by that is you. I am now pointing my finger at you. I mean selfish.

Every action I mean, defends you, highlights you, takes care of your benefit. you, yourself, your identity. It's not part of you, it's all. Whatever your name is, you can say your name from within that is what I mean by you. Any action that supports and defends this is selfish and bad action. This is a little difficult for us to digest especially, if you carry the remnants of it all your life because you realize that "Oh my God, all my life, all my life is about me" completely selfish and about myself.

Now I want to give many examples here because there is no distinction like black and white. You can say dude, I never rob a bank or I did nothing bad on Thanksgiving. But these are very easy black and white examples. And it's easy to say "hah, this person is a bad guy because he did something obviously bad." There are such vague evils that enter your life unknowingly today, you should only realize that you have been doing a lot of bad actions today. Therefore, Karma has caught you. The karma catches you like this: Let's get back to the bank robber, rob the bank and stay with it let's say he goes to a tropical island and live there comfortably. You can say that there is snow left for what they did. Karma will probably catch her after 5 years. Something bad will happen to you. No, karma has already caught him. In his head, he is a selfish person. Its action resulted from selfishness. This is not just about bad action, of course this was a discrete example in fact, this selfishness makes him do bad things.

Why the nature of person is selfish?

Because he is unconscious, he does not understand the results of his movements. As your consciousness increases, you realize that you have committed evil unintentionally. In this case, think about how perfect his life can be with the money he will earn from bank robbery, so he took this bad action to support him. To secure yourself for the sake of others. This is a bad act. This is a very obvious evil action. Only from a social point of view because we have laws on this issue. But there are a lot of bad actions that are not in law and that we do. It still catches you. And the way of catching, for example, in this person, you can say that he stayed with him. He drinks at the beach and sips coconut, his life is great. Actually, this is not the case at all. A person who can go and rob the bank, this is not a discrete example.

The reason for this person to do this is because his inner world has collapsed because he has no inner consciousness. This continues like a chain. This is what Karma wants to say, an endless cycle of selfishness. And punishment not jail or someone yelling at you or not fined. Punishment is suffering. This is the emotional pain and stress that a person experiences because even if he gets out of the bank, somewhere in the corner of his mind, this person will always be afraid. He will always look behind his shoulder. Will they catch me tomorrow? Maybe they will never catch. But it will suffer in this regard. In this regard, he will also suffer remorse and guilt. He will also feel that he is not honest with himself because it does not comply with its own principles.

The bank knows that robbing is not correct. He did it anyway because he knew it would make him feel good. But he could not calculate the pain he would suffer after doing. You can't press forever, you cannot suppress him in every way he will come and catch you. Just taking selfish action here, it will create a habit of selfish actions. Let's say I will never rob a bank again, and it never does okay, don't peel but selfishness will still be in it. The problem is that he still cannot realize that he is taking selfish actions.

This is the source of most of the damage. He has a lot of money now, and he can go and do something selfish. He may be selfish in her relationship with her boyfriend. And this relationship can therefore go in a bad direction. He may suffer in all relationships for the rest of his life because he is unknowingly acting selfish. There may be other selfish movements, like going to a party and fighting with friends because they disagree about something. He quarrels with his friends. Her life enters such a cycle because she cannot establish proper relationships with her friends, lover or future partner or in other areas of his life. This waits for the money he stole to delight him.

What happens when money runs out? Then how will it feel? Selfishness can go on forever. If you want to stop this cycle at the end, you should see that what you do with conscious awareness is selfish. And this is not an easy thing to do. It is very easy in black and white situations but it is difficult in certain cases.

This brings our topic to you because we are talking about this extreme example

What about you?

Now, the thing is that you are performing evil and selfish actions at any time. And an example of this people can be jealous. Maybe it's not even something you say maybe it's just a thought in mind you don't have to go and take a bad action. Thought itself is a bad act. Maybe you are full of jealousy and anger in your business life because one of your colleagues is better than you on some issues and closer to getting the promotion. Or you learn that one of your friends earns more than you, you get angry, you are jealous. Maybe when you return from work, you get angry that someone broke in front of you. Maybe you get angry with your lover or spouse. Or maybe you constantly criticize people. In your head, you don't even say, you're just criticizing people. Judges and criticizes a person you think looks funny; you judge and criticize a person who does something stupid. Or you manipulate people vaguely. Maybe you are playing power games and trying to manipulate him in your relationship with your friend. You try to be the best in your circle of friends. Maybe you are trying to manipulate your love. You may not even accept it yourself, so vaguely but you do it.

Why are you doing this?

You do this because the core of this is the urge to protect yourself. I'm talking about you; Ego lives his life as if he should always protect himself. This is something that has been going on since its birth. It will probably continue until death. You live in this survival mode all the time. It's all about self-protection and self-importance.

For example, how can I earn more money to make myself comfortable and feel safe? How do I find the partner that will make me feel safer? How do I get the car that will make me feel safer? How do I get promotion or progress in my profession to feel better and safer? How can I make my clothes, harnesses, teeth, hair, more beautiful that I feel more secure as a result? As you can see, it's all about feeling safe.

So when an item that threatens this security enters your life, you are afraid, you go crazy, you are manipulative, critical all these negativities emerge and that's why you are suffering. The biggest problem of karma is that it is an identity that needs to be protected, namely you.

Basically, this identity is wrong. It is actually an illusion of ideas and concepts. It is not part of real physical reality. So it's all about life trying to maintain an illusion and its drama. And you will always feel insecure because your identity is a central vacuum.

So you have an on-going painful cycle in life. One of the things we think about life is, "Amaan”, life is hard, Life is challenging, always full of negative emotions, It's full of drama, there's always pain, that's life. Interestingly this is actually not true. Life is like this for 99.9% of people because they always behave selfishly and Karma always finds them. It is to suffer in the punishment of karma. Not from outside punishments. They may be bad though. The real punishment is the punishment in you.

For example, you were a little jealous of your colleague. What is your inner punishment? Your colleague may not understand that he is jealous of him. The inner punishment is the ruin of the current mode. You start to show passive-aggressive behaviour towards him. Maybe when you go home, thinking how frustrated you are to him, you cut someone down or you come home and get angry at your partner or you perform worse at work because instead of focusing on work, you think about this subject. You are jealous of your friend who makes better money than you. And this is digging your well. You are trying to protect yourself because you are selfish.

Why Am I not working in that beautiful position? Why he, why Not me? That's why your whole life focuses on itself. hey, what's the problem with focusing on myself? You might say. In this way I came to these days, I survived, such is life.

The problem is that you don't really need to focus on survival. If you give all your energy and attention to survival, you become blind and unconscious. This survival cycle is hurting your life. It prevents you to live a peaceful, calm and happy life. You can't live your life because you always look back, you afraid of what will happen to you. You are afraid that this empty mistake you defend will be noticed by someone, you are afraid of this and you protect yourself, you cover the solution from fear by adding layers, maybe it will be more realistic, but you can never reach it. And it's not just the bad actions you're doing, it's not the bad thoughts you have, it's just that contributing to this cycle, there are also thoughts that look good.

It is very obvious that when you get angry at someone, this will harm you psychologically or when he tries to manipulate people, or when he criticizes people. Even some good things other than these can harm.

For example, have you ever donated? Or did you give a beggar on the road a few rupees or two?  The reason for doing this was not because it was honestly selfish. In fact, you were masking your selfishness in the appearance of selfless movement. You donate because it feels good to you. Or it gives you a good reputation. Or you gave money to the beggar on the road because if you did not, you would feel strange in yourself. In order not to feel that strangeness, that is, you still feed the Ben inside you, you don't want to feel strange or be a donor, For these reasons, you donate.

But you do it unintentionally. It is not selfish, but rather selfish. You say to yourself, I do well, I do good actions and you say it to yourself: Look, how good I am! When you pay for money on the street, you tell yourself, even if you don't tell anyone: I'm a good person, child. You fill the ego as you fill it. No mistake, when you do this, you will suffer. Wherever you go, you will suffer because of the Ego you carry with you.

In every action, when she gets married, for example, Ego will be there. And it will also be swollen because you paid the beggar before and felt good. Good for saying yourself well done. And this cycle will cause more problems and the Karma cycle will continue. The real punishment for this is Hell.

In the West, as in the Christian view, there is a hell after life. Actually, this concept is not the real meaning of hell. The concept of hell comes from hell happening right now for you. You live in hell right now. Hell in the world. This is your life. The world where you don't have a single gram of peace. You have no peace because you are always stressed and always anxious. You are secretly angry at someone. You try to manipulate a situation, you do it no matter where you are in your life. That's all your life.

This concept is very deep and very vague, because you don't want to hear it, you don't want to accept it because the only way to be affected is when you don't accept it. So it requires a lot of 'mindfulness' (awareness, mindfulness) work. Or "Enlightenment" study.

Like meditation. The purpose of these studies is to see how it affects the environment to protect itself. This is what we say, bad selfish action. Move away from selfishness, on the other hand, if you want to know what it is, this, it is only action without thinking. This is true spirituality, thoughtless action.

Why thoughtless action?

Because thought, contrary to what we think, thought is a problem because thought has brought out the concept of i. It formed the wrong identity of thoughts. The only way to get rid of it is to get rid of thoughts. When you silence your thoughts, you can silence your daily thoughts.

For example, you have to go and buy gasoline, or you will go to the supermarket these are easy. But we are talking about thoughts about you. We are talking about thoughts that equip and manage all of their existence.

Just today, for example, how many times did you think negatively about yourself? About what someone will do to you? Or would someone threaten you or harm you? Just how many times did these thoughts come to your mind today? If you're honest, it's probably at least a dozen. if not 50 or 100.


You should be much more careful about this because the punishment is hell. And no doubt, right now, you live in hell. The bad thing is that many of you don't even realize that you're living in hell right now. You are afraid that hell will be out there somewhere, no, hell is here. You can't be happy. The other punishment is the other side of the coin, because you live in hell all the time, you can't live paradise.

What is heaven?

After you die, it is not a place where you will meet on the clouds, This may be heaven for you. Heaven is a spiritual state. It is the state of not having thought and selflessness. When you leave your "own" "I" carpet, When you peel the whole shell and look inside, That is why all the work on Enlightenment is for this, Now, here you discover that you can be happy without external factors. And you can create heaven here yourself, Real peace because you got rid of Karma's cycle.

This is what the Buddha is talking about. This is what Yogis say about Karma. Here you turn all the pain you have suffered into an infinite loop, 99.99 of people do this, To stop this, all you have to do is be aware. Be aware of how Karma works because he can always work for you.

If you start solving it and behaving selfishly, Positive Karma begins to accumulate. You can now experience Paradise. It's actually that easy, but you should see the nuance in between and understand how deep it is. We can talk about it for hours. All the vague points that you manipulate yourself negative Karma makes your cycle endless.

But that's enough for now, I'm finishing. Please write your comments and share what you think with me and Share it.

If you want a truly satisfying life, you should do this study, nothing spontaneous for you. And it's hard to do this, it's also not enough to hear 1 or 2 times, you have to constantly work on it. The duty of these blog is to guide you and return you to this path.

Thank you so much!

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