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Career Planning: The Steps You Need To Take



Whether you are just about to graduate or you have just graduated from high school, career planning is important. However, it is important to understand that career planning is not just a one-step process rather, it’s a continuous process. The moment you have decided which career you choose, that is already a step towards career planning. But to be able to be victorious in your chosen career, you must carefully lay-out your plans.

You can plan your career on your own, or you can hire a professional career advisor. But if you don’t want to shell out some money, you can do it yourself by doing the following:

1. List down your interests. As they say, not only should you love your work, you should also pursue what you love. This way, your interest on your job will not fade or wane, even when you or your company is going through hard times. The more interested you are with what you are doing, the longer you will last in that job.

2. Knowing your values. The things that you believe in and the morals you have been upholding ever since you are young will always be with you. These would also greatly affect your work or your choice of career. If you are a planning a career that might inevitably force you to face contradictions in your values, there is a higher probability that you would turn away from that career.

3. Think about your skills. What subjects do you excel on? Are you interested in math, science, literature or social sciences? What are the things that you have and you lack? This is important in career planning so that you know your limitations so that you wouldn’t expect so much from yourself. You should also think about what skills you need to develop and enhance.

4. Identify possible careers. There are thousands of choices for a career, but you have to narrow them down to a few. Not choosing anything will make you end up with no career at all. It is like target shooting without a target. Once you have narrowed down your choices, imagine yourself actually maintaining the position. This would greatly help you realize what you really want.

5. Do long term and short term career planning. This is important because there are careers that are only for short-term while there are those that would last you for several years, or even for a lifetime.

6. Create complete, realistic and achievable goals in order to achieve that career. Visualize them and try to feel if that career is right for you.

7. Determine the steps you need to take to reach that goal. As mentioned, you need to be realistic. Do you need to go to college? If so, what undergraduate course do you need to take? What other training do you need? You need to plan these things out carefully. How much do you need to finance your education?

These are the things you need to carefully think about when career planning. Don’t think that you can simply manage this all in your head; you have to write it all down so that you won’t forget and every plan becomes concrete.

The First Steps to Career Planning: Asking Yourself

Don’t worry about it! Instead of fussing about planning your career path, you can view it as an exciting personal development. You may be reading intently through university catalogues trying to find the right undergraduate course for you, taking crucial examinations to complete your qualifications, or even currently in full-time employment. With regards to career planning, it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at an undergraduate, freshly graduated or employed. It’s never too early or too late to start finding, and working en route for that ideal profession.

Many people are at first unsure about what kind of occupation would suit them, and usually haven’t given it a considerable amount of thought. Below are a few career planning sample questions you could ask yourself to help your gears start thinking about your future vocation.

- What are the things I’m good at doing?
- What are the things I’m interested in?
- What types of skills do I presently have?
- What amount of salary would I be contented with?
- Would I rather be involved in office work or field work?
- Would I like directing, leading and supervising others?
- Would I prefer working with people, or working alone?

You may have more pressing personal concerns to add to these career planning questions. Keep in mind though that it would be quite difficult to find a career that answers all the questions or preferences you would have. But the more you look into the various existing alternatives, the closer it may lead you to that dream goal.

Whether you would want to consider teaching English abroad, or working in an office setting, any calling you would choose will always involve huge amounts of effort. This is why it is very important that you have that certain genuine interest and enthusiasm in the said work. Without this zeal, it will be difficult for anyone to motivate himself to work with contentment, and you’ll certainly individuals who are more passionate find it easier to get ahead. Whatever you decide on your career planning will affect your long-term happiness, so make sure that you’re pleased and content with any final decision.

If, thanks to effective career planning, at last you have found that perfect career you believe you would like to pursue, you will need to find out as much information about it as you can. You will need to consider any required special skills, experience and necessary qualifications and evaluate the ones you have at the moment. This will help immensely towards landing yourself in that ideal job.

If the situation is, maybe that you are already walking that right career path, you may have realized that you want to ascend further in that present vocation. In order to do so, some sort of supplementary training or education and qualifications may always prove useful.

If you’re new chosen career is something very dissimilar to what you have been doing before, or if you are still youthful and just starting out in the real world, you will most likely want to undergo some sort of training with the intention of maximizing your chances of being employed. You may have to to finish a degree course at a university, or obtain a vocational qualification. In addition, depending on which career path you have selected, it is at times possible to receive training ‘on the job’. One way or another, at some point you will need to start applying for employment in your chosen vocation.

Proper Career Planning

Leaving the angst of youth and landing into a platform of career is one of the most vital steps of an individual’s life. It’s not an easy ball game if you want to be content with life. There is the necessity of a proper career planning which will ultimately lead to the path of success. There is competition, there is hard work and there might be the bitterness of failures and to overcome all, one must take the initial steps in a measured manner.

The basics of career planning rest on interest. What an individual really likes to do is part of it. Does he love to paint, take up photographs, write articles, finds mental peace in social service or solve mathematical problems? Then there is the question of values and ethics. Would the career he wants to pursue let him go along with what he believes- that is important.

The role an individual would play in the work arena is also important in career planning. One who aims to become a leader cannot afford to be a pen-pusher. There is also the point of aptitude or skills on has within. It is hard for a techno-freak to be an accountant. He has to choose a job related to technology or else his life will become a living hell.

While planning one’s career it is also important to look for the proper environment. The surroundings create a formidable impact on one’s working abilities. Some prefer to work in solitude while others may not have problem managing bustling crowds.

It is important to have a good work. It is important to have a work that goes on with the heart. But before that it is important to have a proper career planning which will equalize the other aspects.

Look around, and you will see your friends or colleagues or acquaintances grudging about there works or work atmosphere or even the role they play. These all are cases where there was no planning before taking up the job. Don’t be like them. Don’t jump the gun Observe, Judge, Plan. Then carry on with it. It’s not hard to observe situations and compare it with your benchmarks. The benchmarks set by you on your comfort level. Then judge it by yourself whether the particular job gives all you wants at least almost all. If you are comfortable, then only take the dip.

Career planning for oneself is not a Herculean task. It just needs a cool brain, some time to think about and a bit of observation. If you can manage that, success is at your door steps. You will have the force of work because you have interest in it. You will not think twice to do the job because it goes along with your ethics. You will do the job easily because you are skilled to do it. And you will love being there while doing it because the environment is the one you like. So plan first and then act.

How Effective Career Advice Can Help Find A New Job

Countless people are finding themselves seeking for new employment recently. Career advice is regularly thought of as a means to assist these people get back on the right track and be employed in a lucrative worthwhile job once again. Can career advice really show the way back to employment after you have just endured a job loss?

Career advice can certainly help you search for your new profession. There are many useful online resources that can help you find and locate new job Various websites would also recommend career advice to their members and those who are just searching for a new career. If you would ever find yourself in need of a new job, these may be a convenient method of beginning your search.

The type of career counselling or guidance that you look for can help you work on your resume. This is an all-important means of being accepted for an interview for that new job. Lots of people find themselves looking for new work after having spent numerous years within the same company. For these people, rewriting their resume over and over is very essential. All of the outdated information would have to be removed or replaced and any new skills that were acquired on that last job would have to be added. A professional can help write your resume for you, but of course be sure that all information that will be included is truthful and not boastful.

The career advice help that you would use can also help you to establish if it about time that you undergo a career change. The end of their previous job, for some, can mean a time to reassess what they have achieved in that line of work. It is a time to think about working in an area that they either have always been interested in, or to start in something that they had never even considered before. You may want to consider how career advice can place you on a course to a whole new calling.

Good interview skills are very essential when you are seeking out that new job. Some of these career advice services will give you effective guidelines or tips that will ensure that you answer well in your next possible job interviews. If it’s been a long while since you have had a job interview, it’s never a bad idea to refresh yourself on these necessary skills.

The processes used for job searching have evolved throughout the years. Fewer employers are looking for their new recruits using traditional ways, like newsprint ads. Online searching and job websites are the modern methods used to gather human resources. If you are unfamiliar with these methods, career advice experts can also help with these. They will show you how to perform a meaningful job search, and other basics like how to post your resume online in the job websites. This method is a very effective way to get your resume out and be viewed by more people in a considerably short period of time. Think about all the potentials that career advice can help bring into your job search. Even if the final decisions about your new career path rests on you alone, these methods can certainly help you make that all-important choice.

Career Advice: A Dependable Friend

You got your dream job; everything is working out well in the company you are working for. You have trustworthy colleagues and the salary is also very good. These things would surely give you a very conducive working environment. Only one thing should happen to you right now in a promotion. Or if you are not happy with your present job, Perhaps change in career would give you the satisfaction that you want.

There are people who are in this kind of tight spot often land in a bad situation. In order to help you, there are career advice articles that would pick you up in this depressing dilemma. These career advice articles are very abundant on the internet; you would see lots of blogs and websites that offer sound advice for those working individuals who are facing such tough moments of their career. The career advice website or blogs tells the story of people with the same condition as you are what they have been through and what practicable moves you should make in order to avoid sinking very deep when switching careers.

These career advice articles would help you decide what to do in the future. If you are going to choose what career you should switch to, these career articles would simulate the situation if you choose a particular path. This way, you don’t have to really experience it first-hand especially if things are going wrong on the path that you chose. Career advice would give you a clear glimpse of what lies ahead of your career path and let you carefully think and weigh different options at your own time.

For obvious reasons, it is the idea of failure that scares us whenever the thought of career change strikes our mind. There are lots of people all over the world that are not happy with their jobs even though they get plenty of money from it. The sense of fulfilment is absent and therefore they tend to look for something that would stimulate them. Unfortunately, these people think that the excitement that they needed lies on other career. This is exactly what career advice would help you deal with.

The Essence of a Career Advice

Aspiration level among the new generation is always on the higher side of the scale. The young ones just out of the school have dreams that are virtually limitless. They want to grow. They want to show their capabilities. However, many cannot. This is because many do not know what to do, where to go or which the right path is. The luckier few shine. Others fade away because they did not get the right career advice.

Like proper education, career advice is a must for success. There are a lot of options for anybody in today’s world of growing technology. From Marine Biologist to a Radio Jockey, a person can excel in any field where he or she has the interest. And the person has to seek advice from professionals who may guide the individual to the right path. Michael Faraday, the legendary scientist started as a bookbinder and then excelled in inventing some most useful things that made the modern world comfortable. He had the blessings of another scientist, Sir Humphrey Davy, who identified the uncut diamond in Faraday. Yes, it was a career advice from Sir Humphrey to young Faraday that not only changed Faraday’s life but also the entire modern world.

Pressure from parents drive away the young flock towards engineering or Medical science. But there are a bevy of professions to choose for. One can simply aspire to be a filmmaker, even an ad-film maker. One might have the frame-sense to be a photographer. One can be a moderate student but might have the ability to teach excellently to the others. Thus, the strong points of an individual, the field in which one can excel should be identified. This is the reason one needs career advice by professionals.

Success is sweet. But for every success story, there is a long tale of dedication, hard work or struggle. And added up, there is the story of aspiration and choosing the right path which led to success. Once the right path is chosen, once the mind is focused, the job ahead looks facile. One should judge which path to take or which task to complete before leaping on it. And there lies the point of career advice. Once there is a guideline, the framework making becomes easier, and hard work can make it a success. This is a fact of life. If one knows how to move ahead with his career, he can take the right turns and move through the right lanes on to the highway of success instead of being blocked up in a blind alley.

Life is short. Not everybody has the luck to taste success. But one should give his best shot. One should use the opportunities at the fullest. One should look before taking the leap. One should take up proper career advice before plunging into the options. One should measure up his capabilities, check the stream he fits in, see whether his heart is with that job and then walk the line.

Now I am Nirdesh, ending here and wish you very happy and prosperous life! See you guys in next blog.

Thanks much!
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